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The Twins

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  • Chiang Mai

    Explore the charming city of Chiang Mai

    The City

    Chiang Mai city has been capturing the hearts of both Thais and foreigners for years. The charming mix between the modern world and the old cultural town. We are the home of arts in Thailand. If you like something artsy, we have it. If you fancy a good cup of coffee, be prepared to be overwhelmed. And if the night life is your thing, you will not be disappointed.


    Chiang Mai has many scenic nature sites. Moutains, cliffs, water falls, river bends. The famous moutain is "Doi Suthep" and "Doi Pui" and the iconic river is the "Ping River" where you can cruise and enjoy your dinner. There are many more water falls and cliffs that you can visit and do some outdoor activities.

    The Lantern Festival

    Every year around November, it is the time of one of Chiang Mai most exciting festivals, that is "Loy Kratong" or better known to foreigners as "The Lantern Festival". The whole town will be lit up with paper lantern and beautiful decorations. Local floats out the toxic free banana leave item into the river as a tokken of apology to the Mother of the River. If you're lucky, you will see the sky full of beautiful bright orange flying latterns too.

    Local Lanna Food

    Chiang Mai is famous of its food. The "Nam Prik" or chili pastes come in many style.

    The uniqueness of the local Lanna cuisine is always something foodies who have been to Chiang Mai rave about.

    The popular "Nam Prik Nhum" grilled eggplant and greeen chili paste
    The "Nam Prik Ong" the tomato red chili paste with pork.
    The famous "Kao Soi" coconut curry noodle. 
    And the spicy lanna sausage "Sai Oua"

    These are just a few examples of Chiang Mai scrumptious food. Enjoy eating!

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